What is Life Coaching?

Simply put, it's a place to bring allllll of life's problems and get help on them.

There is no problem that life coaching can't help with.

Sessions will consist of you and your life coach examining your mind and thoughts. The life coach will point out things that you may have not seen and offer you new perspectives.

You will learn tools that will help you live a more confident and fulfilling life. You'll finally be unstuck and have the tools to accomplish the goals you've been wanting to accomplish. You will know how to create the life you want.

You'll go from having an okay/good life to a great life.

You'll go from living your life on autopilot to living your life consciously.

Depending on how many sessions you do, you will walk away with improvement in all 4 areas of life.

Health. Wealth. Relationships. Akhirah (Connection to Allah).

The Founder's Story Behind MQSchool

My passion for personal and mindset development started a couple years ago when my life was turned upside down.

I lost my beautiful best friend, the biggest blessing in my life,

My mother.

And to top it off, I lost her less than 2 months after getting married and moving out.

My first year of marriage was not like most people's as you can imagine.

I truly believe what prevented my mental health and relationships from falling apart was Allah (SWT) first and foremost, and the tools I learned to increase my Mindful Intelligence - MQ.

I reminded myself that it was just as easy to be empowered as it was to be a victim. We have the choice. We always have the choice. Allah has given us the choice.

I became certain that I could create a life of contentment with the help of Allah SWT and my MQ.

By going through Islamic studies, life coaching, mindset coaching and personal development, I created extraordinary results for myself.

To list a few, I...

- changed jobs.

- got promoted within 6 months.

- increased my salary to 6 figures.

- strengthened my marriage.

- built deeper and more meaningful relationships.

- got my savings up to multiple six figures and started investing.

- completed a full time Qur'anic Arabic program while working full time.

- worked out and ate cleaner.

- became comfortable and confident in my body.

And so much more...

These results were all within 2 years after losing my mom.

Increasing my MQ gave me results in all 4 areas of life.

Health. Wealth. Relationships. Akhirah (Connection to Allah SWT)

Now, my life's mission is to equip women around the world with the tools for Mindful Intelligence so that they too, can create incredible results in all 4 areas of life.

Ideally, before they go through a major hardship like I did.

As women, we also have the responsibility of raising children (if we choose/are blessed to have them). If we have the tools for higher MQ, imagine how our children will grow up. To better understand this, just imagine how different your upbringing would have been if your parents had (and used) the tools to be more conscious, intentional and deliberate about their lives. Imagine if they had (and used) the tools to be more emotionally and mindfully aware.

This is why MQSchool was created.

To empower Women to find certainty from within and lead the next generation by example.

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